15 Comedians.

5 Minutes on the clock.

Who will beat The Blackout?



Having run a traditional open mic for many years, our waiting lists to perform were becoming longer… and longer. With The Blackout format we can get to acts quicker, speeding up the process of being seen and hopefully being developed at Up the Creek.
The idea is for performers to have at least five minutes of comedy material…if not the stage is plunged into darkness as you hit The Blackout.

Each event features 15-17 acts who are given 2 minutes of free stage time.
At the start of each night our MC hands out Blackout cards to three members of the audience. They are the crowds representatives for the evening. After the set 2 minutes, they can choose to hold up their Blackout card if they are not rating your performance. When all three cards are held up you get a BLACKOUT. All lights on the stage shut down, leaving it in total darkness.
But if you last the whole five minutes, the music blares triumphantly, lights flash because CONGRATULATIONS, YOU BEAT THE BLACKOUT!


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Do you have what it takes?

Perform at The Blackout

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The Blackout is a top night for audiences and comedians alike. The audiences are in control and so if getting to shatter an aspiring comedians dreams in front of your very eyes is your thing, then this is the night for you.Johnny Cochrane
You can see anything from the stars of the future to people who probably shouldn’t be allowed on stage – and sometimes they can be equally funny. You get to choose who keeps talking, and who gets walking (I’ve just come up with that now and think it’s a cracking catchphrase)!Ian Smith
The Black out is the best way for me as a comedian to see the acts that will replace me one day as well as the acts that I will always be better than. I. Love. It. John Hastings

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If you would like to either perform at The Blackout or enquire about tickets, please email us at Thursdays@up-the-creek.com.


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